Confession Time: Unfinished Work

I am subscribed to too many crochet pages on Facebook. I love the inspiration. It feeds my desire to learn new things. But here’s the rub.

Once I reach a point in a pattern/new stitch that I feel I’ve mastered it, I STOP. I get bored, distracted, tired, or just interested in the next challenge. Creative stitches are one of the main reasons I crochet and don’t knit. That, and I sucked at keeping my knits and purls in order… but I digress.

Buried in my yarn stash, I know there are several partially made scarves and blankets. It’s kinda sad actually. A box full of forgotten promising starts. The white scarf. The green scarf. The red scarf. The one baby bootie (I got creative with the pattern, and the perfectionist in me couldn’t duplicate a matching one).

And this blanket. Isn’t it pretty? The Bavarian Wheel Stitch rocks.

Bavarian Wheel Stitch Afghan WIP

Colors were chosen for a friend who was having a baby, and they grew on me. Yet I slowed my pace and boom, she was born. Instead, I whipped up a coordinating hat, and tried to finish this to send along a set.

I only added two more rows. Life and yarn went by and it too was buried.

Til now. When this post appeared on my newsfeed and brought my shame and this WIP back up:

I’m in the middle of too many projects right now (corner to corner baby blanket, KCACO-UK-CAL x2, Crochet Crowd CAL), but maybe some day, this will be done.

That is, if I can remember the size hook I was using! Moving forward, I’m doing better documentation of my bigger projects. These printable crochet project cards seem to be an easy place to start.


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