Finally, Weaving in Ends Demystified

One reason I was afraid of changing colors in patterns is because I HATE finishing off and weaving in the tails. How do I know it’s not going to come out? Do you know how long it takes just using a crochet hook to work it through my project? Hiding it is also tricky! And do I knot them? Square knot? Double knot? What the what??

Clearly, I over think things.

Finally, I found a blog post from The Crochet Crowd that gave me a relatively simple solution and MAJOR peace of mind. Use a darning needle (or yarn needle) to weave in the tail back and forth three times to secure it. Because it’s changing directions so many times, it really secures it, and using a needle makes it incredibly easy! Duh. For some reason, I thought a needle was just a big hassle, but I’m a believer now! This video by Mikey at The Crochet Crowd explains it better than I could!

And when it comes to needles, the metal ones are a lot easier than the plastic. I use what I can find, but that’s my STRONG recommendation.

Darning and Plastic Yarn Needles - Jamberry Nail Wrap Love SpellPS. I’m wearing on of my favorite Jamberry Nails – Love Spell – only available til 4/15/15


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