Time Lapse Cleaning (aka Effective Uses of Selfies)

I finally figured out how to redeem Selfies from the bad, but possibly true, narcissistic rap they’ve earned…

Selfie Cleaning

Thanks to my updated iOs on my iPhone 5s, I can do nifty time-lapse videos. And with this handy dandy phone holder my hubby bought, I can set up my phone to time lapse anything I do.

This was my first few attempts, and let me just say – IT WORKS!

Knowing that I’d have a cool video to show for my cleaning efforts was very motivational. And halfway through, when I wanted to throw in the towel, I knew my camera was still rolling, so I pushed through. Job well done!

Me looking like a super hero was just an added perk.

Stay tuned for more “will it time lapse?” videos…


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