Starting a New Skein

Oh the woes of new yarn.

When I first started crocheting, I grabbed the yarn end I could see (from the outside). I struggled with my yarn rolling away from me and getting stuck for a few years til I saw some instructions about pulling from the center. I was SOOOOOO excited! And once it got started, it really made a difference. Life was swell!

Until I needed to start a new skein.

Starting a New Skein Theory and Reality

It always seems so simple, and yet it’s not. I reach in to grab the center and pull… and then I ALWAYS end up with a huge pile of yarn. If I don’t use it up quickly, I’ll get interrupted, stash my project in its bag and come back to a completely tangled mess.

Caron Simply Soft does a nice job of giving me a starting center pull end (though rumor has it that kind of yarn seems to split when you center pull).

I know I’m not alone in this – so to all you fellow center pull pile makers, I’m with you.


Time Lapse Cleaning (aka Effective Uses of Selfies)

I finally figured out how to redeem Selfies from the bad, but possibly true, narcissistic rap they’ve earned…

Selfie Cleaning

Thanks to my updated iOs on my iPhone 5s, I can do nifty time-lapse videos. And with this handy dandy phone holder my hubby bought, I can set up my phone to time lapse anything I do.

This was my first few attempts, and let me just say – IT WORKS!

Knowing that I’d have a cool video to show for my cleaning efforts was very motivational. And halfway through, when I wanted to throw in the towel, I knew my camera was still rolling, so I pushed through. Job well done!

Me looking like a super hero was just an added perk.

Stay tuned for more “will it time lapse?” videos…