Time Lapse Granny Square – Warning

So… not everything time lapses well. Slow/long activities look awesome. Fast activities make your head spin and trigger motion sickness.

Of course, I only learned this AFTER trying a time lapse of crocheting a Granny Square. Oops! I slowed it down a bit from the initial flurry of activity (warning: still a little dizzying). Hubby and I brainstormed other fun ways to show this, so we’ll try it again soon.

This is for the Yarnspiration Mystery Crochet A Long – Clue #1. I have to make 20 of these (this is #16). I’d say, a basic Granny Square is a great foundational pattern to learn. Feel free to join in the fun!

Yarn: Simply Soft Collection Yarn H97COL 6-Ounce/315-Yard Skein of Yarn, Pagoda
Hook: Crochet Dude Aluminum Crochet Hook-Size G6/4.25mm by Boye
Pattern: http://www.yarnspirations.com/kal-cal#week1

Granny Square in Caron Simply Soft Pagoda


Time Lapse Cleaning (aka Effective Uses of Selfies)

I finally figured out how to redeem Selfies from the bad, but possibly true, narcissistic rap they’ve earned…

Selfie Cleaning

Thanks to my updated iOs on my iPhone 5s, I can do nifty time-lapse videos. And with this handy dandy phone holder my hubby bought, I can set up my phone to time lapse anything I do.

This was my first few attempts, and let me just say – IT WORKS!

Knowing that I’d have a cool video to show for my cleaning efforts was very motivational. And halfway through, when I wanted to throw in the towel, I knew my camera was still rolling, so I pushed through. Job well done!

Me looking like a super hero was just an added perk.

Stay tuned for more “will it time lapse?” videos…